Skye Raae
Skyeraae Be9UodsFyjx 1
Younow skyeraae
Age 20
Birthday August 3, 1997
Relationships Nick Bean (ex-boyfriend) Tayler Holder (ex-boyfriend)
Ship Name Nye
Location Chico, CA

'Skylar Raae (born August 3, 1997) is a Musically and social media personality.

Biography Edit

Originally from California, she grew up in the Sacramento area. She has an older brother named Nano. Avid social media user who established her largest fan base on the app, where she has more than 2.9 million fans. She is also popular on Instagram, a content creator on YouTube, and a live broadcaster on YouNow. She is best friends with Danielle Renaee and Jess DiTirro.

She has several tattoos, and got her very first one on her rib cage. She signed up for Twitter in April of 2009, and wrote a first tweet that read "Text my friend." She created her makeup, fashion, and challenge YouTube channel in August of 2010 with a username of SkylarLovesMakeup.

Social Media Edit

All social media is skyeraae

  • YouNow - 12,000 fans
  • Twitter - 2,300 followers
  • Instagram - 30,000 followers
  • YouTube - 9,000
  • YouTube Views - 11,000

Relationship with Edit


  • She has known Nick since 2014
  • She began a relationship with him after Nick broke up with Madeline Phillips
  • They dated in late 2015
  • She hooked up with Nick again at Playlist 2016
  • This caused her to get into a fight with Bianca Sotelo was captured on video
  • Nick and Skye ended their relationship not long after that
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