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Madeline Phillips

Age 21
Birthday March 4th, 1998
Relationship Nick Bean (ex-girlfriend)
Ship Name Nadeline
Location Granbury, TX

Madeline Phillips (born March 4th, 1998) is a YouNow and social media personality.


Madeline Phillips was born in Granbury, TX. She started YouNow in July of 2015. Her twin brother Drew Phillips was a well-known viner. She is one of the more popular female broadcasters on YouNow and tours with her brother in the PressPlay group. She has 2 YouTube channels.

Social Media

All social media is ayexmadeline

  • YouNow - 220,000 fans
  • Twitter - 73,183 followers
  • Instagram - 52,471 followers
  • YouTube - 159,129 subscribers
  • YouTube Views - 11,225,387

Relationship with Nick Bean

Nick and Madeline
  • Madeline admitted to having a crush on Nick dating back to 2013
  • Madeline and Nick would often flirt with each other
  • They started guesting each other in their broadcasts.
  • During the Summer of 2015 Madeline would frequently bring Nick up in her broadcasts
  • Fans began shipping them and calling them "Nadeline"
  • They had a very flirtatious broadcast during Vidcon 2015 and teased kissing
  • They would do two more broadcasts together during the summer
  • They started dating during the Fall of 2015
  • They had an infamous broadcast in September of 2015 when Madeline came over to Nick's house and over 6,000 people watched them teas kissing
  • They broke up in November of 2015 with Madeline accusing Nick of still talking to numerous other girls and being a fuckboy.
  • Nick said it wasn't the right time for a relationship but people feel his obsession with his fangirls and the fear of losing them if he was taken was the reason for the breakup
  • After the nasty breakup, Nick publicly apologized to Madeline in January 2016
  • The apology brought them back together and they attempted to date once again
  • They were suppose to make it official during Valentine's Day 2016 with Nick going to Madeline's house
  • Nick though broke Madeline's heart again and went back to Bianca Sotelo
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