Madeline Phillips
Younow ayexmadeline
Age 21
Birthday March 4th, 1998
Relationships Stephen Lloyd (boyfriend)

Dillon Juarez (ex-boyfriend)

Nick Bean (ex-boyfriend)

Ship Name Nadeline
Location Granbury, TX

Madeline Phillips (born March 4th, 1998) is a YouNow and social media personality.

Biography Edit

Madeline Phillips was born in Granbury, TX. She started YouNow in July of 2015. Her twin brother Drew Phillips was a well-known viner. She is one of the more popular female broadcasters on YouNow and tours with her brother in the PressPlay group.

Social Media Edit

All social media is ayexmadeline

  • YouNow - 220,000 fans
  • Twitter - 73,183 followers
  • Instagram - 52,471 followers
  • YouTube - 159,129 subscribers
  • YouTube Views - 11,225,387

Relationship with Edit

  • She has known Nick since 2014
  • She was an original mermaid
  • She use to talk endlessly about Nick in her broadcasts during the summer of 2015
  • They heavily flirted on broadcast during Vidcon 2015
  • This gave birth to the very popular ship Nadeline
  • At some point during the summer of 2015, they began dating. Although Nick didn't tell his supporters.
  • They guested and broadcasted with each other for much of the summer and fall of 2015
  • The did an infamous broadcast on September 26th, 2015 where they teased kissing each other in front of 6,000 viewers. Both Edwin and Zach begged them to kiss.
  • They broke up in late October 2015. Nick explained that he was selfish and really only wanted a girlfriend to vent his problems to. This confused Madeline
  • Speculation was that Nick really didn't want to publicly claim Madeline and lose some supporters for having a girlfriend. He was also accused of talking to other girls during their relationship
  • They seemed to make up and attempted to date again in November 2015, but then had an ugly breakup with both being extremely vicious toward each other
  • They wouldn't speak to each other until Nick apologized sometime in January 2016
  • They once again attempted to date and planned to meet on Valentine's Day 2016
  • Madeline, who had been talking to Dillon Juarez of the Juarez Twins before she attempted to get back with Nick, started to date him
  • Madeline claimed that Nick only knew how to break her heart and hurt her
  • They have decided just to remain friends, but have no interaction with each other
  • When Nick plays Kiss, Marry, Kill, he kills Madeline (harsh)
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