Maddie Welborn
Name Maddie Welborn
Age 20
Birthday September 14, 1998
Relationship Nick Bean (ex-girlfriend)
Ship Name Naddie
Location Austin, TX

Maddie Welborn (born September 14, 1998) is a YouNow and social media personality.

Biography Edit

Maddie Welborn was born in Aledo, TX. She later moved to San Antonio, TX, and has now relocated to Los Angeles, CA. She is extremely popular social media star and has toured with Digi and now TLG. She is good friends with Nick Bean and Zach Clayton.

Social Media :

All social media is @maddiewelborn

  • Twitter ~ 161,631 followers
  • Instagram ~ 246,000 followers
  • YouTube ~ 284,633 subscribers

Relationship with Nick Bean Edit


  • Maddie liked Nick a lot more than her ugly ex-boyfriend Rudan and started a relationship with Nick
  • They continued their relationship off and on for many years.
  • In a Messy Monday episode with GotDamnZo Maddie admitted she loved Nick at one time
  • In a YouTube video Maddie put out she admitted to the relationship with Nick
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