Kylee Renee Clark
Younow Kylee Renee Clark
Age 18
Birthday June 21
Relationships Edwin Burgos (ex-boyfriend)
Ship Name Kedwin
Location Rockwall, TX

Kylee Renee Clark (born June 21st, 1999) is a YouNow and social media personality.

Biography Edit

She was born in Southern California and moved to Rockwall, Texas as a child. She began teaching herself to play piano at age 9. Her first song was called "Paparazzi." She is a singer and pianist who first gained popularity on YouTube and YouNow through her covers of songs like "Best Mistake" by Ariana Grande and "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift. She later began posting original songs like "Carousel," "Problem" and "My Daddy's Got a Gun." Also makes youtube videos

Social Media Edit

Her YouNow is Kylee Renee and her Twitter and Instagram are both @kyleereneeclark

  • YouNow - 240,000 fans
  • Twitter - 110,300 followers
  • Instagram - 197,000 followers
  • YouTube - 215,000
  • YouTube views - 5,800,000

Relationship with Edwin Edit

  • They met through YouNow and Edwin claimed he fell in love at first sight
  • They first met in-person at Vidcon 2015
  • They later met at Dallas DigiFest in August 2015
  • They began facetiming each other on broadcast during the summer of 2015
  • They claimed they were only friends and were not dating
  • During the famous #ULL broadcasts in Miami in August, the rest 0f 5quad teased Edwin about Kylee
  • On Halloween 2015, they announced that they were dating
  • Edwin admitted they were dating since the summer, but he was afraid to say anything for the fear of his supporters getting jealous and leaving him
  • Their ship name became Kedwin
  • They became one of the rare social media couples that has worked
  • Edwin said he was unhappy on the DigiTour SlayBells tour because he missed Kylee
  • In 2016, they even thought about a Kedwin tour
  • Kylee joined Edwin on the TLG tour
  • In August 2016, they even sold Kedwin shirts on the TLG tour
  • They mutually decided to split in 2017 after almost two years of dating
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