Edwin Burgos
Younow EdwinBurgos
Age 22
Birthday Feburary 19
Friends Zach Clayton Rudan Custodio Timmy Connors Nick Bean
Relationships Kylee Renee Clark (Ex-Girlfriend) Supporters TeamHypedFam
Nicknames worm, edworm, Yung Savage
Location Dallas, TX

Edwin Gabriel Burgos (born February 19, 1998) is a YouNow and YouTube personality.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Edwin Burgos was born in Orlando, Florida, but has lived in Alaska, West Palm Beach, North Carolina, and now Dallas Texas. Edwin's early broadcasts focused on advice and trying to better the lives of his audience. He also became known for crazy and unpredictable nature. Nothing would stop Edwin from entertaining his audience, including getting naked in a bathtub and pouring chocolate all over himself. He always ends his broadcasts by telling supporters to never forget to smile.

Edtertaining[edit | edit source]

Edwin became interested in acting and performing at an early age. Others around him noticed how charismatic and natural he seemed as an entertainer. But it wasn't until he discovered the app YouNow that he was able to truly find his calling. Reaching thousands of viewers each day, he is able to put a smile on their faces while also changing lives.

Social Media[edit | edit source]

All social media is edtertaining

  • YouNow - 245,000 fans
  • Twitter - 270,000 followers
  • Instagram - 344,000 followers
  • YouTube - 13,000 subscribers
  • YouTube views - 300,000

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • He is half-Puerto-Rican and Caucasian.
  • He is 6'2".
  • His nickname "worm" comes from his tall and skinny appearance.
  • His is known for his obsession with the fast food restaurant Wendys.
  • He will sometimes enter "Yung Savage" mode and act possessed.
  • He is considered the enforcer of 5quad and will rush to the defense if one of the others is attacked.
  • His mother Judy often acts as a chaperon for the boys on trips and tours.
  • He met his girlfriend Kylee Renee during the summer of 2015. He was initially reluctant to admit the relationship for fear of losing supporters.
  • On Halloween 2015, both he and Kylee admitted they were together giving birth to the ship Kedwin.
  • He is known for his brutal roastings of his fellow 5quad members. Including bringing up Madeline to Nick Bean, Baby Ariel to Zach, Maddie Welborn to Rudan, and Alexis Simone to Timmy.
  • He sometimes gets made fun of for broadcasting the least out of 5quad.
  • He loves Zariel.
  • His mother and father recently filed for divorce.
  • Relationship Status: Single (former ex-girlfriend Kylee now dates a Caucasian)
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