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Corinna Kopf
Name Corinna Kopf
Age 22
Birthday December,1 1995
Relationship Nick Bean (ex-boyfriend) Todd Smith (ex-boyfriend)
Ship Name Norinna
Location Los Angeles, CA

Corinna Kopf (born December 1, 1995) is a YouTube and social media personality.


She grew up in Palatine, Illinois. She has family scattered throughout the midwest in Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri.

She has garnered more than 900,000 followers to her eponymous Instagram page. In July 2014, she posted a video of a concert set she attended at the Spring Awakening electronic music festival.

Social Media :

All social media is @corinnakopf

  • Twitter ~ 300,000 followers
  • Instagram ~ 900,000 followers
  • YouTube ~ 789,633 subscribers

Relationship with Nick Bean[]

Nick Bean and Corinna Kopf

  • They started dating in spring 2017
  • They did numerous videos together
  • They broke up in the summer of 2017 and remained friends