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Brittanie Nash
Younow brittanienash
Age 21
Birthday August 27, 1996
Relationships Nick Bean (ex-boyfriend)
Ship Name Nattanie
Location Franklin, TN

Brittanie Nash (born August 27, 1996) is an TikTok and social media personality.


Online social media personality who is known for her presence on various platforms. She is particularly known for her Tiktok account, where she is known to post lip syncs across a wide variety of genres. She began her Instagram account in June 2013. She posted her first photo during that same month. She has earned more than 380,000 followers on TikTok. In 2015, she began exploring modeling as a profession

Social Media[]

All social media is brittanienash

  • YouNow - 12,000 fans
  • Twitter - 850 followers
  • Instagram - 138,000 followers
  • YouTube - 9,000
  • YouTube Views - 11,000

Relationship with Nick Bean[]

Nick Bean and Brittanie Nash

  • Was friends with Nick
  • Started a relationship with him during Spring of 2018
  • Starting showing up in Nick's broadcasts
  • Nick referred to her as his "cousin" to hide the relationship
  • Bryce Hall confirmed Nick and her were having sex and in a relationship
  • Appeared in a number of videos with Nick as Sara with Bryce Hall
  • They broke up during the summer of 2018 and Nick went back to Bianca Sotelo.