Bianca Sotelo
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Younow biancasotelo14
Age 20
Birthday Feb 15th, 1999

Nick Bean (boyfriend)

Ship Name Nianca
Location Houston, TX

Bianca Sotelo (born February 15, 1999) is a YouTube, Instagram and social media personality.

Biography Edit

Originally from Houston, TX. She was one of the most popular girls on early YouNow from 2014 to mid 2015. She has become very popular on Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok. She is best friends with Madison Lewis, Mel Joy, Canion Cavazos, Alexis Simon, Nicole Anderson, Danielle Renaee and Jess DiTirro.

She has several tattoos, and got her very first one on her upper back. She kickstarted her social media career in August of 2014 when she signed up for YouNow and tweeted a first tweet that read "I want Starbucks."

Social Media Edit

All social media is biancasotelo14

  • YouNow - 27,000 fans
  • Twitter - 3,500 followers
  • Instagram - 30,000 followers
  • YouTube - 94.6k
  • YouTube Views - 4,755,000

Relationship with Nick Bean Edit


  • She has known Nick since 2014
  • Nick began hitting her up after he saw her on YouNow
  • She began a relationship with him before Madeline Phillips
  • They dated off and on from late 2014 to current day
  • After being separated from Nick they got back together in early 2016
  • Bianca got into a fight at Playlist 2016 with his ex Skye Raae that was captured on video
  • Nick has said Bianca is the only girl he loves and would marry
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