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Baby Ariel
Baby ariel.jpg
Younow BabyAriel
Birthday November 22, 2000
Relationships Blake Grey (boyfriend)

Zach Clayton (ex-boyfriend)

Ship Name Zariel
Location Miami, FL

Ariel Martin (born November 22, 2000) is a YouNow and social media personality.


Baby Ariel was born in South Florida. Her little brother King Jacob also became popular on musical.ly. Her mother Sharon Kremen Martin was born in New Jersey and her dad was born in Panama. In November Of 2016, Ariel began dating social media personality Blake Grey.

Social Media[]

All social media is BabyAriel

  • YouNow - 82,500,000 fans
  • Twitter - 283,700,000 followers
  • Instagram - 102,900,000 followers
  • YouTube - 31,580,000 subscribers
  • YouTube views - 1,048,600,000

Relationship with Zach[]

  • Ariel and Zach first met at DigiFest NYC in June 2015
  • Ariel and Zach then saw each other at Vidcon 2015
  • They met again in July 2015 during the Dallas and Houston Digi events where 5quad performed
  • They met again in August 2015 when 5quad were recording music in Miami, FL
  • It was in Miami where supporters started shipping Zariel
  • They apparently talked for much of 2016 before Playlist Orlando 2016
  • It was at Playlist Orlando where they both announced that Zariel was official
  • They broadcasted and made YouTube videos together
  • They were together at Vidcon 2016, but had already broken up
  • They made their breakup official in July 2016 with Ariel posting on her Instagram and Zach on his twitter
  • They cited the stress of both being on tour for why they broke up
  • Zach says he will be single for a long time after Ariel
  • Zach still always marries Ariel when she is mentioned in Kiss, Marry, Kill